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His eyes opened in the blackness of his bedroom and he stretched his arms up over his head, dislodging Shelley’s face from his chest. When he’d first seen Shelley, it was the first time in his life that his cock had gotten hard over a woman, although he didn’t know that at the time. All he had seen was a compact, muscular frame with a nice, firm arse and short black hair as they worked the speed bag. There was a fighter in there and he couldn’t help but think about what sliding into that arse would feel like. When they turned around, Jimmy’s eyes roamed from the bottom and came all the way up until he saw the face; the distinctly female face. He’d blinked quickly to cover the shock and automatically began to subtly flirt. That had been two years ago.

In the time since, he’d learned that she was indeed a fighter, just not a very good one. He’d learned that she was the new standard of excellence when it came to truly magnificent head. And he’d learned that she snored, which he was fine with because sliding into that arse had been an even greater luxury than he’d imagined it could have been. Jimmy had never had a relationship last beyond the third or fourth month, but with Shelley it was easier than he’d have thought. They had quite a bit in common and shared the same sense of humor. She was more like a best friend than an ol’ lady; sometimes he wished he could find her sexually attractive so the whole problem could be solved. Thing was, he could fake it in large groups or intimate moments, but the day-by-day energy it took to feign sexual interest was draining. There were times Jimmy suspected she knew; such as the night she’d come to bed wearing a pair of boxers and a ribbed tank top, riding his cock with her back towards him. Shortly after that, she’d started leaving things at his house. At first it was a shirt, one she’d grabbed in the dark after they’d been fucking and used it to clean cum off her face; he offered her one of his shirts and threw hers into the laundry. Then it was a hairbrush in his  bathroom, then a pair of shoes. That had been a year ago and she’d brought more and more over until she was living at Jimmy’s place, despite maintaining her own flat in the city.

“Sleep is somethin most people would still be doin, Donnelan,” Shelley’s voice grumbled from the mattress. She was a light sleeper and would usually wake up shortly after he started getting ready for the day.

“As me dear ol’ Ma said ta me when I was a wee lad,” Jimmy responded, laying his thickest brogue over the words, “Breakfast is goin’ on tha table afore yer feet hit the floor. An’ I ain’t savin nothin fer no-one.”

He heard Shelley rustle around in the bed and she climbed around so she was kneeling beside him, her arms snaking around his shoulders. She leaned close and whispered a reply in the same extra-thick brogue, “Shut yer bake, Donnelan. Yer Ma’s a saint that’d do anythin’ y’ask her fer. I’d bet yer Ma baked ya a special breakfast ever’day an’ told ya what a fine boyo you’d turned out ta be.”

At the last, she tugged him backwards while wrapping her legs around his waist and landed in the middle of the bed with her bare arse rubbing up against his cock. If he closed his eyes, he could (and usually did) imagine the fantasy man that he’d thought she was before meeting her. No sooner did the image pop in his head and his cock was quickly hardening against the muscular arse that rolled back and forth. He reached out, gripping their hips and ground himself up against that perfect arse; when the hips rose up, a sure and firm grip wrapped around his cock and he felt a condom being rolled down his length. A moment later he was groaning as he felt the cool slickness of lube being poured over his cock as he worked it back and forth. There was a deep grunt as the head of his cock caught the rim of that arse; barely slipping past before continuing along the crack and pulling back again. He opened his eyes to watch the head of his cock disappearing into that perfect, glorious arse. It was tight at first so he had to work the head of his cock back and forth, smearing lube around the inner ring as he pushed and pulled … each stroke got him a little deeper. He loved the sound of Shelley grunting; it was a guttural sound and he could pretend it was his fantasy guy’s grunt. His hands grabbed onto the arse cheeks and he spread them apart, exposing the stretched open hole as his cock slid deep inside and he could feel every muscle inside as it milked him deeper, sucking him further inside perfection. He could feel the globes of their arse flexing and resting as he sped up, his hips slamming up into their well defined thighs. Their hole loosened and Jimmy reveled in the sucking heat as he pounded up inside their body. Their hands were behind them, spread wide next to either of Jimmy’s hips, bracing their body for the feral style of fucking that always happened whenever they were in this position.

His cock thickened as he watched the muscles in their back flex, their muscles defining with the exertion of holding themselves up while still pushing back with their hips. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the sounds his lover was making; every grunt and sigh fueled the definition of the lover he pictured behind his lids. He dug his fingers into their hips, knowingly leaving a lace of bruises but he couldn’t stop now. He could picture his lover facing him while they fucked; he could see the bliss on his face with every slam of Jimmy’s hips against his arse, the frustration when he pulled back and left his hole empty and wanting. He could almost smell the sweat rolling down his lover’s muscular chest, half opened eyes looking at the well defined back of his lover. He could feel the constriction of his lover’s hole tightening and it was a piece of the Fae touching his cock; something so indescribably beautiful you just had to experience it to understand it. His hips slowed and he drew himself, long and thick, all the way free of is lover’s arse. The protesting grunt made him laugh as he pushed back in, just as slowly as he’d pulled his cock free of their arse.

“Ach, but your arse is a fine thing. I could spend my entire day buried inside of you and ne’er get tired o’ the feelin,” Jimmy half-whispered as his brain began to shut down and all he could see was his lover behind his eyelids and feel his cock being caressed, squeezed, and milked by his lover’s tightness. They moved, shifting around slightly and when Jimmy thrust up, the angle was completely different and it sent a spike of arousal through his entire body when he opened his eyes. His lover had arranged their body so they were almost sideways and was leaning their upper body down so really the only part of their body Jimmy could see was their arse and one heavily muscled thigh. He groaned aloud, unable to stop himself. His hips began to piston as his cock slammed home, balls slapping against his lover’s thigh, and it only took a few strokes before his balls pulled up tight, his cock twitched and he was chasing after that electric dragon that lit up his spine as he came while buried inside his lover. His eyes wide open, he saw the masculine lines of their body, definition in every muscle, and he could almost pretend for a moment as their arse clenched down and he felt their orgasm quake its way through.

Exhausted and spent, Jimmy rolled Shells off his chest and lay back to catch his breath. He removed and tied off the condom, disposing of it in the basket next to his bed as Shelley got up and went towards the en suite. He scrubbed a hand over his face before pulling himself up out of the bed and followed her. She was already in the shower as he relieved himself into the toilet; he knew this because as his hand reached for the flush, her voice drifted out from behind the shower curtain.

“Don’t even think about it, Jimmy. Your shower is a thing of the angels and if you ruin it by flus-AAAAHHHH!”

Jimmy smirked as the water went from boiling hot to icy cold for about five seconds before warming back up.

“I fuckin’ hate you, Donnelan,” Shelley’s voice sounded decidedly shivery.

“You jus’ left me bed where I gave you a nice cum an’ now here you are, tellin me ya hate me,” Jimmy answered, still using the extra thick accent.

“Just you wait, boyo. Wait til ya get home tonight an I’ll show you how much I appreciate the frostbite on my arse.”

“You know,” Jimmy began as he opened the shower curtain, “for such a tiny thing, you take up a lot of water.” As he spoke, Jimmy put an arm under her waist and lifted her out of the tub. He put her on her feet behind him and got into the shower himself.

“You know,” Shelley replied, crossing her arms over her chest with a smirk, “it’s always colder the second time around.”

Before he could stop her or get out, she flushed and the water went from relaxing heat to icy daggers, stabbing into his flesh. He may or may not have let out a yelp, but it was a masculine yelp … no little shrieks from Jimmy fuckin’ Donnelan. She was still laughing about it ten minutes later when Jimmy was done in the shower.

“By all means, I live to entertain you, Shells.”

“I know. Tell you what, I’ll be nice,” Shelley said as she slid her arms around his waist. “I’ll make it up to you by letting you make me beans on toast.”

She leaned forward and kissed his shoulder, a soft and tender pressure against his skin, before taking a small bite and winking.

“Finish getting dressed an you can feed me before we go in,” Shelley had also come over to help with managing the gym and Jimmy had to admit, she did a spectacular job of it.

“Oh I can fe-,” Jimmy was interrupted by his phone’s chime and glanced down at the Caller ID. His curiosity was piqued immediately as it came from a blocked number. Who the fuck would be texting him at three in the morning?


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