Gay Male Erotica

gay male erotica

Gay male erotica is out there but no-one seems to be able to find it. Primarily because it’s still considered such a taboo. The idea of two men being intimate, whether it’s an aggressive encounter or a committed relationship, hasn’t broken the “porn barrier”. Meaning, it’s out there and you know how to find it but no one admits to watching or reading it. In a way it reminds me of the old Combat Zone in Boston, back in the day. Everyone knew which train or bus you took to get there but never admitted to knowing. I’m not sure if I love that it’s still so taboo because it gives me the chance to enjoy it on the sly or if I hate that it’s not more prevalent because I have very few people to talk to about my borderline obsession fascination with the genre.

As an author, before I published my first book, I lived and breathed in the fan fiction world. And, let me tell you, in fan fiction, you can’t click a button without tripping over some of the most beautifully raunchy gay erotica you could imagine. And yes, before you ask, I did my part; I wrote a 1% MC style fiction based on Hawaii 5.0. I am continuing to work on it even now because it’s such a joy. Plus my muse, Albert, is kind of addicted to raunchy porn.

So … partnering Albert’s raunchy porn needs with my own love of men such as Nick Capra, Hugh Hunter, and Tyler Saint (yeah, I have a type, okay?) should create some rather interesting works. I’m going to launch a gay erotica series, touching on the different stereotypes, as well as a few you may not be aware of. There may occasionally be a touch of fantasy (shush, I have a thing for werewolves and magic) but I foresee this series being more urban storytelling than urban fantasy.

Although you are entitled to your own fantasies. I encourage them. You should take a moment to leave a comment below with your favourites.

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