Camp Nanowrimo – Gimp Bracelets Optional

camp nanowrimo

Camp Nanowrimo officially started on the first of April and is a warm-up to November’s Nanowrimo event. It’s the chance to socialize with other writers and participate in word sprints.  You can also up on any of your tools that you feel needs attention as a writer.

My Goals For Camp Nanowrimo

I was so looking forward to participating. (As you recall, I participated in Nanowrimo ’16 and that became my book To Touch Magic).  The next book in the Ohana Chronicles is To Embrace Magic. The plan was to hit 50,000 words in 31 days. I missed the first two days but I made up for it with almost 5,000 words written on the 3rd.

What is Camp Nanowrimo like?

It’s interesting in the differences between Camp Nanowrimo and Nanowrimo in November. Camp seems more relaxed for me and I’m not pushing myself as hard as I did in November. I’m sure I’ll hit my goal and then get it delivered to Sara Lunsford (editor extraordinaire). Then she can scowl at me when I forget simple things. Like spelling out numerals instead of using their digital form (two instead of 2, etc). Or I brain hop from one character to another in the same scene (It’s not my fault, okay? Argus is bossy!)

The relaxed atmosphere of Camp is a bit like being away at a slumber camp for the summer. There is structure, sure but you’re also sort of vacationing at the same time. There’s no rush to get everything done right NOW! You can put a few things off til tomorrow and make up for it over the weekend. Thus far no one in my Cabin has broken out the guitar and started a sing-a-long of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ but I’m hoping someone brought a good supply of gimp so we can make friendship bracelets and promise to keep in touch while working til next Camp Nanowrimo. (Okay so I really liked gimp bracelets) They’ve introduced me to some tools that have helped me tremendously, such as Write or Die (nothing haunts me more than watching what I’ve written literally disappearing if I don’t keep writing. Maybe I am a little bit of a masochist). It forces me to focus on the getting the words out and re-iterates the concept of “It doesn’t have to be right, just WRITE.”

Great Stories Are Being Told

Just from the few synopsis’ I’ve seen, there’s some books that I’m looking forward to seeing hopefully available via Kindle. I’ve seen at least two or three Urban Fantasy stories, as well as some great suspense novels. I hope everyone participating in Camp Nanowrimo meets their goals (or at least walks away with a great gimp bracelet)

I’m off to find my wine, my chocolate and (because it’s that time of year) my jelly beans.



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